Hls2016 hader image
Hls2016 hader image
President, Advisory Committee, 4TH International HLS & CYBER 2016 Conference
Chairman, 4TH International HLS& CYBER 2016 Conference
President of the Manufacturers Association of Israel
President, MER Group. Chairman of the HLS Industries Public Committee, Israel Export Institute
Head of the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy
CEO of ThetaRay, Head of the Advisory Committee for the Cyber Branch at IEI
Chief Scientist of the Israel Ministry of Economy
Former Head of National Information Security Agency (NISA)
Head of the National Cyber Bureau in the Prime Minister office of Israel
Managing Director of SAP Israel
Chairman of the Board of directors of Israel Electric Corporation
Former Head of IDF’s C4I Branch, IDF’s Signal Corps Commander
Managing Director of Ben-Gurion International Airport
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