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ACID implements a proactive approach to cyber security: it provides a supplementary layer of protection by initiating widespread searches to detect 

Aqua Security

Aqua Security enables enterprises to secure their virtual container environments (e.g., Docker) from development to production, accelerating 


Fraud and embezzlement detection system. The system detect embezzlements in the following areas:


Ayehu provides IT Process Automation & Orchestration solutions for IT and Security professionals to identify and 


BUFFERZONE endpoint security solutions protect enterprises from advanced threats including, Ransomeware zero-day, 

Beyond Security.com

Beyond Security’s testing solutions accurately assess and manage security weaknesses in networks, applications, industrial 


Celare is building Network visibility and monitoring solutions with integrated Big Data security analytics, helping IT and security professionals 


The Q-LOG Cyber Awareness Training System trains your employees automatically, unobtrusively and effectively day after day ,

CGS Tower Networks

CGS Tower Networks provides superior network visibility solutions that enable and optimize Cyber Security, Big Data Network Analytics and monitoring


Checkmarx provides a comprehensive Application Security platform used for finding & fixing application layer vulnerabilities during software

Cloudance Technologies Ltd.

Cloud Security Experts with proprietary Cloud Security Control Platform. Design, Create and Audit – Secured Cloud Infrastructures.

Cobwebs Technologies

Cobwebs technologies provides the most advanced web intelligence (WEBINT) solutions designated to automatically harvest real targeted 

CommuniTake Technologies

CommuniTake Technologies delivers a game-changing mobile security platform that is totally shielded from the ground up, 


Our product CONSENSIO redefines the Mobile Enterprise Security and the perspective of Mobile Cyber Security.
CONSENSIO is a holistic solution for 


Covertix data-centric technologies let you find, know, classify and protect sensitive information as it travels, letting you fortify information access control 


CyberDB is web-based research platform provides premium data, news and analysis on vendor and solutions of the global Cyber industry.


Cyber Hat’s team of highly qualified experts
Cyber Hat is a leading consulting and services company, specializing in cyber defense and intelligence.
CyberHat specializes in 6 major lines of service:

Cyber Observer

Cyber Observer is holistic, practical cybersecurity management and awareness solution for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and C-Level  


Since 2002 we have secured networks throughout the world. CYBONET, formerly PineApp, began focused on email security. 


CyGov – holistic cyber security strategies and technologies for national and regional governments
Services the firm offers include:


Cyber deception

Cynet Security

Endpoint Protection, File Analysis, User Behavior Analysis, Network Monitoring, Detection & Remediation, Rapid Incident 


Cytegic’s dynamic and adaptive risk dashboard provides you with a full and comprehensive view of your overall 


The solution offered by Dcoya protects corporates from malware, spyware, and other threats by introducing a real-life phishing simulation to the employees, in a safe and controlled environment

Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct is the first company to apply deep learning to cybersecurity. Deep learning is inspired by the brain’s ability to learn.

Dell EMC

The Dell EMC Cyber Solutions Group develops custom-tailored cyber security solutions, based on best-of-breed products and services

Dome9 Security

Dome9 offers verifiable cloud infrastructure security and compliance to all businesses at all times across all public clouds. The Dome9 Serenity SaaS 


EMC in Israel, with 1200+ employees and 5 sites in Israel, is part of the global EMC federation, driving innovation in a dynamic and forward-thinking environment.


Equus Tech

We develop innovative active cyber intelligence solutions for law enforcement, intelligence agencies and national security organizations.


Fireglass is revolutionizing enterprise network security by eliminating attack surfaces including web, emails, documents and web applications. Leveraging defense-grade security approaches, Fireglass seamlessly protects both users and web applications from all known and unknown threats to offer future-proof security. Fireglass Threat Isolation Platform creates a secure execution environment between users and the web.


Firmitas Cyber Solutions Ltd., is a technology company providing cyber protection solutions. Our mission is to change the face  of communication


Fortscale is an innovator in User Behavior & Entity Analytics for Security. Fortscale enables enterprise security analysts to easily generate insights about users,

GPS Dome

GPS Dome designs and manufactures GPS Anti Jammer Devices, employing adaptive antenna algorithm to minimize the effect of GPS 

HackerU Pro

HackerU, the leading company for Cyber Security training in Israel, now builds ISOC (Information Security Operation 


HARMAN employs more than 300 people in Israel, following 3 strategic acquisitions made in the last 5 years (iOnRoad, Redbend & TowerSec). 


ICS2 is a cybersecurity company that develops innovative solutions for protecting critical infrastructure assets

illusive networks

illusive networks is the first purpose built Distributed Deception Platform. Its patent pending Deceptions Everywhere® technology neutralizes targeted attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).


Indegy, an industrial cyber security company, delivers visibility and control to ICS networks to protect against external and


InfoBay is an enterprise-proven completely Secure Email Distribution Platform delivers a suite of products designed to securely protect all


Cyber Risk Management Services: Cyber risk management, Information security management (as a service), 


Inteller is a leading provider of Web Intelligence solutions designed to respond to the full scope of organizations’ web intelligence requirements,


Intensity is a global specialist provider of data and cyber security, as well as software management and infrastructure.

IPV Security

Founded in 2005, IPV Security is a managed Information & Cyber Security service provider with a unique in-house developed 


To address the challenges of phishing, IRONSCALES developed the first and only multi-layered phishing mitigation solution to combine


Kaymera 360° Mobile Cyber Defense System provides organizations with a robust, flexible and scalable solution to defend against all mobile threat vectors.

Kela Targeted Cyber Intelligence

KELA specializes in providing our clients with intelligence about threats specifically targeting them (exposed IT topology, user credentials, product vulnerabilities etc.), 

Komodo Consulting

Komodo Consulting is a company with expertise in the fields of cyber security, application security and threat intelligence, 


The Cyber Command Knowledge Center has vowed to train the future generation of cyber security experts in the industry by offering them to learn from Israel’s leading experts in the field, placing maximum emphasis on hands-on training in the various topics.

Lotan Group International Ltd

Lotan Group operates in international markets across the globe and is considered a leader in the internal security industry in its approach to mitigating terror, crime and violence.


L1-Systems supplies cutting-edge nation quality communication technologies that include – telephony networks and radio networks, high quality broadband


Cyber security, Exfiltration prevention, Network Security.


MinerEye offers a big data analytics platform for information-security and data privacy compliance, that provides scalable analysis and governance of 

Minerva Labs

Minerva prevents targeted attacks without the need for prior detection.  Rather than waiting for attacks to happen,

Morphisec Information Security

Morphisec is a cyber security company focused on the early prevention of advanced threats that target in memory attacks.  Morphisec 


Nextnine is a leading provider of top-down OT security management solutions for complex multi-vendor ICS environments. 


Virtual Business Environment on Private Device. The first company to develop Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) for enterprise mobility, 


Founded at 2016, Nucleon specializes in collecting and analyzing the most dangerous current threats on the internet, 



Paranoid , Nyotron’s game-changing endpoint technology was designed to prevent designated, advanced and national-level cyber-attacks. 

OT Claroty

Claroty enables its customers to secure and optimize the industrial control networks that run the world’s most critical infrastructure.  The company’s highly scalable platform is designed to address the unique safety and reliability requirements necessary to protect OT networks such as industrial control systems, industrial IOT, SCADA and others.

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PlainID empowers enterprises across industries by dramatically reducing the overall investment in authorizations. 


Primesec LTD. is a privately owned Information security, cyber Risks and IT Regulations consulting company. Our


Radiflow is a leading provider of cyber security solutions for critical infrastructure networks (i.e. SCADA),


Reblaze offers an all-in-one private virtual cloud-based solution (VPC) that includes IPS/WAF, DoS/DDoS protection, bot detection and exclusion, anti-scraping, 


Reposify discovers all devices connected to the public Internet world wide. 

ReSec Technologies ltd.

ReSec enables organizations to efficiently prevent files from being used by attackers as a way to infiltrate the network.

Sasa Software

Sasa Software, specializes in extensive content sanitization and deep malware removal solutions.


SCADAfence is a pioneer in securing Industrial IoT/Industrie 4.0 networks in the smart manufacturing and smart building sectors from cyber threats.


SecBI is the ultimate power tool for security analysts. Its distinct software provides an advanced threat detection system, enabling the organization


SECDO is transforming life for security teams, enabling them to investigate and respond to incidents faster than ever. With a combination of automated 


SecuredTouch has developed a unique Identitity verification platform based on behavioral metrics utilizing cutting edge machine learning algorithms for


Sixgill is a cyber intelligence company that UNDETECTABLY and AUTOMATICALLY analyzes Dark Web activity ,and has the ability to detect and


SkyFormation transforms an existing on-premise SIEM / SOC to a powerful Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). By augmenting an existing 

Source Defense

Third party companies are often the most vulnerable link in an organization security chain and are also the least controlled. Source Defense is the


TeleMessage Secure Texting for Enterprises includes Apps that create a regulation compliant Mobile Messaging network for employees and customers.


ThetaRay is dedicated to helping clients at large financial organizations, cyber security divisions and critical infrastructure become more resilient 

TrapX Security

TrapX provides a security defense solution which is implemented within the organization network (without network changes),


Verifyoo provides non-intrusive revocable behavioral mobile biometrics that solves the fundamental flaws in today’s solutions using a secured

Vital Intelligence Group

“VICAS” Virtual Intelligence Collection Analysis System. Empowering You With Vital Intelligence. Vital Intelligence is a Dynamic Process 


Votiro provides organizations with essential protection against undisclosed and zero-day exploits utilized in cyber-attacks. 

Waterfall Security Solutions

Waterfall Security Solutions is the global leader in industrial cybersecurity technology. Waterfall Security’s hardware-enforced cyber security products are 


Open Source Security and License Management


Focused on the areas of security, GRC and user monitoring in SAP environments, Xpandion creates user-friendly, 


SkyFormation transforms an existing on-premise SIEM / SOC to a powerful Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB).


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