Israel Export Institute

About the Israel Export Institute  
The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute is your premier gateway for doing business with Israeli companies.
Established and funded by the government and the private sector, the IEICI’s expertise is in promoting trade, joint ventures and strategic alliances with Israeli companies.
The IEICI offers advice and access to relevant businesses and government resources. With experts in 14 industry sectors, we’ll provide the information you need to connect, negotiate and do business.
About the HLS Unit
Israel’s national security relies on innovative, cutting edge technologies, operationally proven methodologies and comprehensive manpower training and qualification.
The solutions provided by Israeli companies in this sector are often customized and adjusted to meet specific customer requirements.
The country’s continuous needs with respect to counter-terrorism and emergency management create a unique platform for Israel’s HLS companies to test their new technologies in the field.
The Israel Export Institute’s HLS Sector represents around 300 companies, offering the country’s most advanced and innovative technologies in areas such as border protection, biometrics and facial recognition, video surveillance and analysis, IED and UAV jamming systems, intelligence gathering, special units training and more.


About the Cyber Unit

The IEICI Cyber Security Sector – Since the creation of the internet and cyber space,
Israeli security experts and engineers have been fighting at the forefront of cyber defense against cyber-crime, preventing and detecting online fraud, intercepting computer espionage, protecting critical infrastructures and minimizing the vulnerabilities of national, municipal, commercial and private sectors.
As a leading international cyber power and major player in the world’s cyber security field, Israel’s cyber security industry develops a wide range of creative, state-of-the art solutions to the constantly increasing threats in the cybernetic field.
Israel’s multitude of cyber security solutions address the needs of millions and protect the lives of billions through innovative solutions.
The IEICI Cyber Security Sector represents over 250 cyber companies. These companies offer technologically advanced and field-proven products which are amongst the most innovative solutions.
The IEICI has the most updated and comprehensive database of Israeli-based Cyber Security companies, which allows it to set up end to end ties solution packs and connections according to a specified need.
The sector has successfully partnered with key players from worldwide Enterprises and is cooperating with Foreign Governmental Ministries and Agencies as well as with industrial entities in order to promote joint ventures and international partnerships.



HLS, Cyber & Aerospace Department

 Mr. Gil Rieder  Director, HLS, Cyber & Aerospace  +972 3 514 2839
 Mr. Gilles Perez  Manager HLS  +972 3 514 2856
 Mr. Achiad Alter  Manager, Cyber Security  +972 3 514 2971